“Sci-Fi had Douglas Adams, Fantasy has Terry Pratchett…it’s a damn good attempt to do the same for comics!”

“The writing is witty and sarcastic and the art style pokes fun at busty heroines and ripped heroes wearing skin tight costumes. With the superheroes and villains destroying everything in sight you can’t help chuckle at how annoyingly accurate some of these parodies are.”
No Ratings.

“Sharman keeps a good balance between the classic superhero dust-up and the realities of everyday life. There are a few pages where the genre is really scrutinized both in the text and the composition of the artwork and they work well. The coloring is always punchy and consistent with the mood and action of each page.”

“Considering the strong female characters and the almost feminist polemic at the finale…these are political boobs and not titillating ones.”

“Refreshing, original and really funny.”
Liam Nicholson, Amazon review.

“The book is both a love letter to, and an utter demolition of, the modern superhero team book. I just wish I’d thought of it first.”
Cy Dethan.

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